Deodorant and Toothpaste… A Slow Poison!

The new year is here, and with it come the new year resolutions. Some of you may have resolutions to be healthier so with that being said, this is not a recipe but rather some information that I just wanted to share with my followers on the kind of toothpaste and deodorant my family uses and hopefully it will help you be more informed about what products you are buying and using, and the effects that these products may have on your body.


In my house we use exclusively fluoride free toothpaste. The reason being is that we do not like the idea of fluoride and the effects that it has on the human body. If you are not familiar with fluoride, I wanted to share some rather interesting facts about it with you, that will hopefully be able to help you choose the right products for you and your family.

  • Fluoride is indeed highly toxic. It is a pollutant, a by-product of iron, copper, and aluminum manufacturing.
  • Fluoride was used as an insecticide and rat poison, before it was considered a “cavity fighter”.
  • Fluoride does not actually prevent tooth decay, according to the largest study ever conducted on fluoride and oral health.
  • Fluoride does more bad then good when used for dental hygiene and too much consumed fluoride can cause teeth to discolor and crumble.
  • In tests performed on laboratory animals, it has been shown that fluoride enhances the brains consumption of aluminum, which is also the substance that is found in the brain’s of most Alzheimer’s  patients.
  •  10,000 cancer deaths per year, in a number of different studies have been linked to fluoride. Men exposed to fluoridated water, had a high incidence of bone cancer.
  • The FDA requires a poison warning on every tube of fluoride toothpaste now sold in the U.S.
  • Children who swallow too much fluoride toothpaste can suffer acute poisoning, even death. One tube of Colgate-for-kids toothpaste contains 143 mg of fluoride which is enough to kill a child weighing less then 30 kg (or 66 pounds).
  • 24 studies have shown a link between fluoride exposure and the lowering of IQ.
  • Fluoride is so toxic and dangerous, it has the ability to eat through concrete and metal.
  • Research has found that fluoride affects normal endocrine function, causes kidney disease, cancer, bone weakness, dental fluorosis, arthritis, immune deficiencies, calcification of the pineal gland, skeletal fluorosis, and much, much more.

So… do you still think fluoride is good for our teeth?… That’s what I thought! But don’t take my research for it. Look into it yourself and you will be appalled by the information that you find.

The toothpaste that we use is: Jason (Natural pioneer since 1959) it is Fluoride Free and Sulfate Free. Also it has no preservatives, no propylene glycol, no saccharin, no artificial flavors or colors, and no animal by-products or testing. On the back it says “Jason spearmint toothpaste with baking soda combines silica and calcium carbonate to brighten and polish teeth. Natural anise oil is combined with spearmint, wintergreen, and peppermint oils to deliver minty fresh breath.” Here are some pictures of it:


I like Citrus Mint flavor and my husband likes Spearmint flavor toothpaste.


This is the back side of the toothpaste.


This is my 3 year old son’s toothpaste, also the same brand as ours.

We purchased this toothpastes at Whole Foods but I am sure you can buy this toothpaste online or other natural/organic stores. We have been using this toothpaste for the paste about 6 months. We are very happy with it. There are many other brands like this one though, so we want to eventually try all of them out but this is a brand we have stuck to lately and it works great for us. It is very concentrated, so you only need a small pea sized amount. One tube lasts us about 2 to 2.5 months (because we each have our own tube of toothpaste.) It tastes amazing and leaves a nice, fresh breath after you use it. If you want to learn more information about this specific brand of toothpaste, you can visit their website at:


We also use aluminum free deodorant, let me explain why. Aluminum, often called aluminum chlorohydrate, potassium alum, aluminum zirconium, aluminum hydroxybromide, and many more names (to hide it in the ingredients of your deodorant) is very neurotoxic . Aluminum has been repeatedly indicated as a cause of breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, brittle bones, infertility, and permanent damage to the central nervous system. Also aluminum has been found to mimic estrogen to imbalance the hormones leading to endometriosis, hypothyroidism, and decreased fertility.

Antiperspirants work by closing, clogging, or blocking the pores that release sweat from under your arms, the active ingredient is aluminum.  Not only does this block one of your body’s natural ways of detoxification (releasing toxins through your under arm sweat). But it is also raises concern as to where these metals go after you apply them, by rolling or spraying them on. Research, including one study published this year in the Journal of  Applied Toxicology, shows that the aluminum is not just absorbed by the body but is also deposited in your breast tissue and can even be found in nipple aspirate fluid, a fluid present in the breast duct tree. Research also has determined that the mean level of aluminum in nipple aspirate fluid was much higher in breast cancer-affected woman compared to healthy woman, which suggests that woman with higher levels of aluminum are at higher risk of developing breast cancer.

So, if you could avoid aluminum and pay a few dollars more for a safer alternative for your body then why not? After all you can’t put a price tag on your health. Just make sure before you buy the deodorant that it does not contain aluminum hidden in the ingredients by another name, because many companies try to trick you into thinking you are buying a natural and aluminum free deodorant. One of those deodorants is the Crystal salt brand deodorant, consumers think they are getting an aluminum free deodorant but don’t realize it is cleverly hidden in the ingredients list. I was a victim of that one, so be aware and read all the ingredients it is made up of before purchasing it.

The deodorant my husband and I use is also from Whole Foods but can probably be found at other natural/organic health stores or online. It is called: Every Man Jack. It is a naturally derived deodorant. With cotton extract and witch hazel to absorb wetness. Lichen extract-a natural antibacterial agent- helps control odor causing bacteria. Essential oils of peppermint leave you feeling fresh and clean. No aluminum, no parabens, no phthalates, no dyes, and it is never tested on animals. You can look it up at: WWW.EVERYMANJACK.COM. We buy the Signature Mint scented one, although there are a few other scents to choose from. This is a men’s deodorant but out of all the natural ones I have tried this has been my favorite brand to use so far, and in my opinion Mint is a gender neutral scent so it can be used by woman also. I like the super refreshing and cool feeling that it gives you when you put it on, and I like that it is very smooth when you roll it on under your arms, it is not hard like most deodorant sticks and does not leave a white residue on your clothes under the arms. Here are a few pictures of it:


That is the front of the deodorant we  use.


That is the back of the deodorant that we use.

DSCN2492     DSCN2491

That is a close up of the deodorant bar, so you can see how incredibly smooth it is.

That my friends is just some tips and information that I wanted to share with you all. Not everyone has to agree with me. I just hope it will make you more cautious when buying these essential items. I am glad that I am informed about this and I am sure other people will be happy to learn more about these products as well, especially since we use these on a daily basis. If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

I wish everyone a wonderful New Year, full of health, love, joy, prosperity and success! May God bless each and every one of you! Thank you so much for following my blog. Blogging is my passion, my therapy, my hobby, and I enjoy giving you all tips and recipes, that can hopefully be a helpful resource for you to use. 🙂 

Note: I am not getting paid to write this post and am in no means endorcing the above products that I have written about. Everything I wrote regarding the specific brands are based off mine and my family’s experience using them. a few of the sources that I used to help with my research are:





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