Grilled Homemade Hamburgers


This past Sunday we celebrated my husbands birthday. Since Sunday is such a busy day, with church and all, we decided to make it a cookout party. Also it was because we have not eaten a burger since last summer and were really craving one. The burgers turned out great! And it was a good idea to grill because while the guys were outside grilling, I only had to do some quick prep work inside with the girls and I actually got to hang out and enjoy our friends rather then running around in the kitchen cooking up a storm. Everyone loved the burgers and gave them a thumbs up! One of Mike’s friends even suggested we open up a burger place Lol. So I decided to share how I make burgers. These home made burgers taste so much better than the frozen store bought ones, and are actually much cheaper to make! 🙂

Grilled Homemade Hamburgers {Serves 10-12}


  • 3.75 LB Ground Beef (We bought ground beef patties at Costco, We bought 7.5 LB because I used half for the party and froze the other half for another time)
  • Kraft Original barbecue sauce
  • Salt/Pepper to taste

Toppings for the hamburgers:

  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • 1 large Purple Onion
  • Cheese (We used Havarti cheese)
  • Mayonnaise
  • Ketchup
  • Hamburger Buns (bag of 12)


1) Take your ground beef. *We bought ground beef patties at Costco, They were shaped into circles so it makes things much easier* If you buy regular ground beef, you can just make a huge cylinder log and cut off circles for your burgers.


(These are the patties that I used from Costco, And I cut them in half)

2) Cut your circles (if from Costco then cut the circles in half) If from another store, Cut your log of ground beef into circles. These will be your burgers.


3) Shape out your burgers. I do this by pressing down on the burger to make it even, then flatten it out with a knife. Then I use the knife and my fingers to even out the outside of the burger, making it perfectly round.


4) When you are done shaping out all the burgers, put them on a serving tray. Or large cutting board.


5) Generously put salt on each burger. Then add some pepper to it. (I only spice up one side of the burger, and it distributes  to the rest of the burger while it grills)


6) Pour 1 big drop of Barbecue sauce on each burger.


7) Using a spoon, spread the Barbecue sauce around the entire burger. *You will not taste the Barbecue sauce when the burgers are grilled, It will just make the burger more moist and add great flavor to it. Also it helps the burger to take in the salt/pepper*


8) Grill your burgers on the grill however well you want them to be cooked. If you do not have a grill you can use your oven but it will take much longer to cook through and will not taste as good as grilled.

9) Put your favorite toppings and sauces on the burger and enjoy while it is hot off the grill!


For the party I served these burgers with the buns, cheese, topping, Mayo & Ketchup, separate so that everyone could build their perfect burger. I also had baked potatoes, a veggie tray with dip, sweet & salty popcorn, Bush’s baked beans, blue corn tortilla chips along with sour cream and salsa. *But I don’t recommend making baked potatoes like I did because everyone was so full from the burgers and sides that nobody had any room for the potatoes! Lol*

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