Appetizer Sandwich Sliders


This is not a recipe, but rather just an idea for sandwiches. These are a great appetizer, or even lunch. We had these as an appetizer last night when we had some friends join us for tea and I served these sandwich sliders as one of the appetizers. They were a big hit! No sandwiches were left over and everyone loved them.  🙂

Appetizer Sandwich Sliders


  • Dofino (Brand) Creamy Havarti Cheese (Deli Sliced)
  • Kirkland Signature (Costco) Black Forest Ham (Deli Sliced)
  • King’s Hawaiian Bread Rolls
  • Mayonnaise (Optional) *I did not use any because the Kings Hawaiian bread rolls are sweet and tasty and I think adding Mayonnaise is not necessary.)*
  • {I bought all theses ingredients at Costco, However if you do not have a Costco near you, or a Costco membership card, You can definitely find these ingredients in another store.



1) Cut the bread rolls in half. *Be very gentle with the bread rolls and do not press hard on them because if you press too hard the bread will not be as fluffy. Use a bread knife.*

2) Cut the black forest ham in half. Cut enough pieces for all of your sandwiches, depending on how many sandwiches you make. *Some pieces of Ham may already be small and do not need to be cut.*

3) Cut the creamy Havarti cheese into fourths and put one piece of cheese on top of the black forest ham. And as easy as that, you are done! 😉






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