Rice Pasta with Beef and Vegetable Gravy (лагмон)



This is without a doubt, my most favorite food in the whole world! It is a traditional Kazakhstanian dish. My dad taught me how to cook it, however I have adapted it to my own version after making it several times. This dish is very healthy because it consists of beef and a lot of vegetables for the gravy, not to mention vegetable juice (which has 8 full servings of vegetables, just for this recipe). The pasta that I pair it with is rice vermicelli, rice pasta. Rice pasta is much more healthier then regular pasta and it has much less fat too cuz it does not have all the carbs of regular pasta. This special pasta and one of the vegetables that I use to make this dish are sold only at Chines, Asian, and international stores. I know it may require a special trip to the store just for these ingredients but trust me, if you omit these two ingredients or substitute them with something else, It will definitely not taste the same because those two ingredients are the most important ingredients in the recipe and they literally make this dish! But if you absolutely have to substitute the rice pasta then I would use angel hair pasta. For those of you who are from Kazakhstan, or your parents are, you may have tried this dish, and if you have never tried it before… Well. What can I say, You are missing out!!! 🙂

Rice Pasta with Beef & Vegetable Gravy   {Serves 10-12}


  • 1 Pack of Rice Vermicelli (I will put a picture below)
  • 3 Tablespoons Oil
  • 2.5 LB Beef (I used shoulder cut, chuck roast)
  • 5 Tablespoons of Ketchup (I used Organic Ketchup)
  • 3 Cans ( 34.5 oz) of V8  Original 100% Vegetable juice
  • 4 Garlic Cloves
  • 4 Potatoes
  • 2 Large carrots
  • 3 Ribs of Celery
  • 1 Red Bell Pepper
  • 1/3 pound of Green Beans
  • 1 Large Chinese Radish (I will put a picture below)
  • Fresh or Dry dill, for garnish





1) Thoroughly wash the beef. Then cut it into thin strips. Set it aside in a plate.



2) Wash all of the vegetable and cut them. Peel the chines radish ( I use a peeler) then cut it into little cubes. Cut the celery ribs into cubes. Cut the red pepper into thin, matchstick pieces. Cut the potatoes into cubes. Cut the green beans into 3. Cut the carrots into thin, matchstick pieces. Set all the veggies aside in a big bowl.





3) Heat 3 Tablespoons of oil in a large pot, On Medium-High heat(I did 7). Add the beef in and add some salt and pepper to it. cook the beef until it is almost cooked through. Then add the diced onion to the pot and cook until the onion is soft and translucent. Add some more salt and pepper and mix the beef well. Boil a full tea kettle of water.


4) Add the Ketchup to the pot and mix well. Then add the V8 Vegetable Juice to the pot. Mix it and bring it to a light boil.



5) Then add the boiled water from the tea kettle into the pot. Bring it to a boil. Add all the vegetables into the pot. Close the pot with a lid and let it cook on Medium heat for about 20-30minutes.




6) When the beef&vegetable gravy are almost done, like the last 15 minutes, boil water in a medium pot and cook the rice vermicelli. I usually make half the pack for lunch and then the other half of the pack for dinner because the rice pasta tastes best when it is hot. There should be directions on the pack for how to cook it, but just encase there isn’t or the directions are in Chinese, then basically what you do is bring half a medium pot of water to a boil. Add some salt and a few drops of oil (That way the rice pasta wont stick to itself). Throw in half a pack of the rice vermicelli and it cooks in literally like 3 minutes. Then just drain out all the water and the rice pasta is ready! Also…  In the last 10 minutes, open the pot with the gravy and add some fresh or dried dill. Then add the garlic cloves through the garlic press.

* I serve this dish hot. First I put the rice pasta in the bowl, then I top it with the Beef and vegetables and the gravy on top. Mmmm delicious and nutritious!*





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