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This is something I have been wanting to share with all of you, my friends and today I finally had the time to do it: My husband and I work for ACN, All communications Network. It is a Network Marketing based Company, but we are not a product driven company, meaning we do not buy or sell products. We specialize in all essential services that people have and use every single day… For Residential (Homes) we offer Cable, Internet, Home Security and Automation, Home Phone, Premium Technical Support, and Energy in select states (Gas & Electricity). For Businesses we offer Cable, Internet, Security and Automation, Phone Service, Premium Technical Support, Merchant Service, and Energy in select states (Gas & Electricity).  We work with pretty much all of the Company’s that there are for Cable, Internet, and Home Security. So you would not have a different company. (For example, if you want Dish Network as your cable Company, you would get them as your cable provider and not some new, unknown Company.) And for some companies we offer the service for cheaper every month (For example Direct TV through us is $5 less every month so that would save you about $60 a year) or sometimes we offer cheaper/free installation, depending on what service you need and where you live.

We also offer our own Cell Phone Company, it’s called Flash Wireless. It uses Sprint and Verizon towers, so you still get the same great service as you would if you actually had Sprint or Verizon but it will cost you less then half! As it is much cheaper. You can pay $32 for Unlimited TALK, or $35 for Unlimited TALK & TEXT, and $47 for Unlimited TALK, TEXT, & DATA. (Per Month. Taxes NOT included.) We have had Flash Wireless for our phones for about a year and we Love it! I really like the fact that we get a Bill Statement each month that shows what plan we have and how much we are paying for our phones and the taxes, Because I Like to know exactly what I am paying for. I like that our bill does not magically go up every single month for no reason what so ever, It always stays the same! Also we don’t do a credit check, so if your credit is bad you can still get this cell phone service through us. We do not have a contract so if for any reason you are not satisfied with the service you can leave the Company at any time and you will not be charged an early termination fee. The best part is you do not have to buy a new phone! So if you have a Sprint or Verizon phone already, you can bring your own phone and use it with our Company. But it has to be a Sprint phone if you want to use the Sprint Network or a Verizon Phone if you want to use the Verizon Network. Both Sprint and Verizon work great, so it does not matter which company you get. It all depends on which Network has better service in your area/state. The pricing for both companies is the same for the Unlimited Talk plan, or the Unlimited Talk & Text plan, However if you want Unlimited Everything (Talk, Text, Data) it would cost you $20 more for Verizon because that particular plan is $47 for Sprint and $67 for Verizon. But both are still a very good deal. We have the Sprint network for our phones and we are very happy with the service. Another phone service, besides home phone, we offer is for those of you who call International. With our ACN Digital Phone Service (Its a service you can actually connect to your home phone) and you get Unlimited calling to 80 Countries, Including the U.S and Canada. This service uses your internet connection instead of a Traditional phone line. This plan starts at only $24.99 per Month.

So why would you get your services through me?

3 Simple reasons: 1) You can save some money on your bills. 2) It would really help us out in our Business and we would really appreciate it. 3) THE MOST IMPORTANT reason is that Every single month, when you pay for your bill, a portion of that money goes to feed a hungry child! You do NOT have to pay anything extra for this, But a portion of the money that you pay for the bill that you would have to pay for any ways, goes to feed a hungry child! You would be doing good without it costing you anything extra… The foundation that our company partnered with to do this, is the Will play for food foundation. You can check out their website at Our company is their Gold Sponsor. Since we have partnered with them in February 2014, it has not even been a full month yet and our company has already provided 100,000 meals! Praise the Lord!!! Our goal is to feed 1,000,000 Hungry children within a year, and with your help, we can do that. If you are interested in more information on our Company working with this foundation you can check out this Link:

It feels great to work for a Company that makes a difference and I Thank God for this opportunity. Child hunger means a lot to me. Mostly because growing up, there were some points in my life where my parents did not have too much money. Although they always did the best they could to provide for us, there were some financially hard times and sometimes we had help getting basic groceries from a local food drive. We always received these basic grocery items with a thankful heart and happy smile. Any little bit was a big help to our family and we were very grateful. Although we live in the wonderful country of the United States, there are still about 17 Million hungry children living right here in America. So if I can help provide meals for these children in need, That means a lot to me! I am always willing to reach out a helping hand to anyone in need because when I was in need, God always found a way to provide for us.

Thank you for reading this, and if you can get any of these essential services, that we all have and use every single day anyways, Please get them through my Company. My website is My email is and my IBO # is 02462974. You can save some money and help a charity foundation that has a good cause. If you have any questions or anything, Or if you would like to get any of these services through my comapny, feel free to comment right here on the post or email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Have a great day! 🙂

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